■ Bible study for all ages: Sunday 9:30 am
■ Worship Services: Sunday 10:30 am
■ Youth Nights: Every Tuesday 7:30-10:00 pm

Meet The Church Elders


Cornerstone ministries is lead by a group of volunteer elders that are nominated and voted from among the congregation to lead the church spiritually, and administratively. The pastors are also part of the leadership team. The board meets biweekly and welcomes input from all as they seek to lead the church by following the model Jesus set out for us in being a “servant leader”. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with your elders and they would be happy to meet and pray with you.

Leo & Dorothy

Dave and Diane DeRoo

Dave serves in areas of maintenance at the church and is also on the finance committee.

Milt and Linda

Milt and Linda Krahn

Milt currently serves as chair of the Finance committee and has other administrative responsibilities.

David and Judi

David and Judi Heide

David serves as elderboard secretary

Jer and Cindy

Jer and Cindy Pauls

Jer currently serves as elderboard chair

Phil and Karen

Sheldon and Shauna Guenther

Sheldon serves as chair of the missions committee. Sheldon is also on the Mens Ministries committee, and is involved in other community ministries.

Dave and Diane

Vern and Cindy Reimer

Vern currently is serving on the Mens Ministries committee.